DISCO DISH… New Collaboration – Photochromic Sequins

This year Dr Sara Robertson and myself (Dr Lynsey Calder) have been working on a new e-textiles collaboration of lenticular inspired photochromic sequins. I am very excited to show some of the results of our work together which was both very enjoyable (I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Sara) and inspiring for potential future projects.

Photochromic sequins


We had the idea that we wanted to create a pattern which appeared when exposed to UV (Sunlight or simulated) and could be animated by movement. By using inspiration from lenticular designs and artists such as Takahiro Kurashima, namely ‘Poemotion’ and Bridget Riley’s monochrome and colourful optical patterns.

(more to follow on this story very soon)



Thermochromic Tutu goes through phase change…

… and comes out the other side glowing!


Controlled by Arduino and over 3000 hand soldered heat sinks, it took it’s time coming!

Plans are afoot to show it in action, you can watch this space but I can’t promise how long it’ll take to appear!

Over and out



A little bit about ‘allenomis enter the fold’ and their trip to the UK Makerfaire in Newcastle. We get EVERYWHERE!

allenomis enter the fold

We didn’t manage to see very much but we met some AMAZING people and had a great time. 

Newcastle Makerfaire UK has just passed and we are only just recovering from the buzz and adrenalin from two days of intense talking, screen-printing, explaining and showing off our creations. It’s fair to say that we both had an excellent time and will definitely be coming back (if they’ll have us!)

Here are some snapshots from our two days at Makerfaire 🙂



1. The calm before the storm


2. Annalisa putting Berit together


2. Lynsey checking the tutu panels and attaching them to Anouk 


3. A well deserved post set up drink


4. Lynsey getting her geek on


5. Annalisa describing the silk screen printing process and showing off our colour changing bags


6. AETF all set up and ready for switching on and off


Thank you very much to everyone…

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CHAMELEON Bags – You can make one too! Visit Us!!!!

Because we know what you want we are going to give it to you! 

Yes that’s right, we’re going to be at Summerhall on Sunday the 20th of April ALL day running silk screen-printing demos and ‘have a go’s where you can print your very own colour changing bag! LOOK!


If you’re lucky enough to have warm hands as well as a warm heart you’ll be able to change the design on your bag from one colour to another with the power of your own hands! Yes, that’s right!! It’s MAGIC! 



We will also be making a special appearance at the UK Makerfaire in Newcastle on the 26th and 27th of April at the Centre For Life – http://www.makerfaireuk.com

we’re really friendly so why don’t you come and see us please;-)

‘COSTUME CHANGE’ hits the Edinburgh Science Festival!

OK, I know you’ve waited a LONG LONG Loooooooong time to see this, but…. Drumroll please…..





Finally, I managed to finish the costume, the tutu, the elephant in the room, and get it installed at the Edinburgh Science Festival art trail! Wahooooooo! Why don’t you go along and have a look, it’s in Summerhall for the next two weeks (well just over one really!)!

If you don’t live anywhere near Edinburgh then here are some (not very great) pictures to whet your appetite!






I would like to say a HUGE thank you to allenomis for the use of the Amazing mannequin (designed and built by her and Brian at MAKLab Glasgow)


Maker Faire(s) preparation

Originally posted on allenomis enter the fold:
Preparation day for the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire and the Newcastle Maker Faire! We exposed the screens with the three images and printed a few tote bags and drawstring bags with them to test the patterns and the thermochromic dyes! All worked wonderfully! Looking forward to it! We…

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