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Being a huge origami fan I absolutely had to share this.

I have no idea that micro origami existed and it can fold up all on its own!

WOW… micro origami

Now, how can I incorporate THIS into a ‘smart’ costume!!!


Inspiration today supplied by the ever stylish Swedish!

Today the inspiration comes from a collaboration between Smart Textile Design Lab at the Swedish School of Textile ( and IRE möble. More info: (Linnéa NilssonMika SatomiAnna VallgårdaLinda Worbin.

This beautiful work in textiles looks at using computing as a material for design in the same way as we use other more conventional and traditional materials.

This example is a prototype for furniture which can communicate expression.

The prototypes combine “four parts: woven cotton with embedded conductive threads, a layered pattern printed with a combination of pigment color and thermo chromic ink (with a state change at 27C), pressure sensors to detect when someone sits on the fabric, a computer programmed to control which threads heats up and for how long depending which pressure sensors are activated. When the threads heat up the pattern changes

The effect is stunning and the concept fantastic… I wonder how flexible the fabric could be with all its components? Could a wearable version be made…

Food for thought!

Hot Hat building in Florence

At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to be sent to Florence for an intensive workshop in wearable electronics.

It was a brilliant experience in an amazing place with some fantastic people. We were all given a kit at the beginning of the session containing a woolen hat, Arduino lillypad, knitted conductive thread and some tiny components (available at

The idea was that we would build a hat that could communicate with other hats and had three different modes. There was a textile button that was knitted containing conductive threads that only activated when you squeezed them together. We also used the Arduino site to download sketches which we hacked a little bit to make our hats do what we wanted… I was lucky enough to be given some pink LED which look pretty cool when in disco mode! Everyone loves a bit of DISCO!

I am posting some of the photographs that I took to show what we did.

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Inspiration for this project is coming from so many fields and areas. I have decided to show some of the items that are of particular interest here. These beside tables made by London based Studio801 are thermochromic and have Liquid crystals where the dark optical pattern is on the surface of the unit.

Firenze decoded!

I’ve just returned from an intensive course in Prato near Florence  (WOW, what a beautiful city!) I was learning about wearable technologies and basic code. I totally get the wearable technologies and even surprised myself with my ability to catch on to the circuitry, the code on the other hand! That ‘s a whole different ball game! I’m nearly there with it tho!

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