Adafruits new app for electronics and more! BRILLIANT

This nifty wee app for working out resistance values and the like is such a dream come true for me.

The deal is that Circuit Playground simplifies electronics reference & calculation so you can have more fun hacking, making, & building your projects! This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Not only does it satisfy my need to geek but it looks cool too! Win win!



About L.Calder

I am a designer maker mainly specialising in the field of textiles and design. I use colour changing and responsive dyes combined with simple electronics to create colourful pieces of work that can change depending on environment and programming. I also work with various materials and imagery to communicate concepts and ideas as well as create artefacts that are engaging and visually stimulating.

3 responses to “Adafruits new app for electronics and more! BRILLIANT”

  1. andrew kieran says :

    I use electrodroid on Android for similar stuff. Good for playing with 555’s and the like too

    • codedchromics says :

      Nice one Andrew, how’s the project going? I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to!

      • andrew kieran says :

        Aye It’s coming along, pretty funky like. Got some potentiometers and a sort of grid of contacts that sends out different outputs to the serial monitor. I’m going over to Riccarton later in the week to speak to a guy in the electrical engineering department about what I’m doing. Should be good like

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