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The Creators Project did it again with BRILLIANT interactive lit up balls for Arcade Fire at Coachella last year…

Read more about it here and see a video on how it was all done… (I can’t get the video from their website to embed properly so you’ll all just need to go and discover some more cool stuff over there!)

Just totally excellent!



Inspiration from Stefan Sagmeister

I wouldn’t mind a year off every 7 years to be inspired to create amazing work for the next 7 years.

Taking a short break from work work work to share some of  Sagmeister Inc’s work for Aizone from 2010. It hits a chord with me and I hope I can incorporate some kind of hard hitting imagery like this into the current project. Enjoy!

One of my biggest heros, Inspiration Lab has blogged about Stefan Sagmeister, I share their post with you.

Inspiration Lab

Another grand fave was of course my all time idol Stefan Sagmeister. I’ve seen this specific talk once before but I just don’t tire of hearing it. It is so uplifting! Stefan is doing a film about Happiness and he showed the first 12 minutes of it at the conference. Unfortunately it is nowhere online for you guys to see but here’s a little interview from Indaba (another conference) that explains a little bit about the reasons behind the project. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. The 12 minutes I’ve seen so far was freakin’ fantastic!!!

See more by The Man here:

Also check out the presentation video on the Kickstarter page (sorry, it won’t embed!). Kickstarter is a place you can use for microfunding and he he got the cash so we can only wait impatiently for the movie to be done.

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L.E.D. Snowboarding… Tignes never looked so good!

Jacob Sutton, a fashion photographer and filmmaker films Artec pro snowboarder William Hughes on the slopes of Tignes in France with amazing results.

The night time shoot showcases a bespoke L.E.D. suit made by designer John Spatcher.

Read more about it here



Once again I’m drawn to the simplistic geometric nature of this work. It very much reminds me of some of my degree work which played with reflections of colour and geometric simplicity. 




You can see more of her awesome work here

I love it and am referring to it often for inspiration for my own aesthetic when designing and building the costume for this project. 


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