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3D printing with Nylon!!!! Flexibility!!!

Instructables user taulman has used nylon to print flexible 3D parts. This could be very interesting indeed for an application to textiles. Watch these videos to see the printing process and then the difference between ABS and nylon parts.

You can read more about the project on this instructables page

Now my mind is whirring with possibilities… Extruder here I come!


Colour Changing Creases

After the workshop in Rotterdam I decided to try some more folding using copper tape on poly viscose printed with Magenta thermochromic ink over a blue background.

ImageThe fabric was quite a bit thicker and stiffer than the fine gauze we used for the 3D printed sample and so I wasn’t sure if it would fold so easily. You can see where I’ve been working as the area around the copper has changed to blue due to my hot hands! The areas where there are rings of darker magenta are where I put my cold water bottle.

The following images show the folding process.




So this one is kind of in reverse. All the working is showing and therefore the creases are the only colour changing element that shows. In future samples the copper may be on the reverse and in theory we could charge the copper to promote a colour change.

An animated surface!!!

Self folding (almost!) 3D printed origami textiles!

Rotterdam has enabled some surprising developments! Who would have known!?

In a few short (not too painful steps) some nice little samples were developed… Look, See!

From this 

to this

to this 

to this 

to this 

to this 

to this 

to finally this 

More please…. Now, who wants to donate a 3D printer to the cause!??? Go on!

Thank you to DEAF2012 and the Crafting the Future workshop!




DEAF2012 Highlights so far…


I’ve survived the Symposium and day 1 of a Crafting The Future workshop involving 3D printing and textile techniques. 

Highlights so far are seeing Philip Beesley talking about his work and then seeing one of his sculptural installations in the flesh at the DEAF2012 exhibition in Rotterdam… Really really SPECTACULAR!


(crap photo, sorry!)

Another was hearing Tim Ingold talk (he’s a social anthropologist by the way)… woweee!! When I heard the phrase “etheral cosmic infinity” I knew my mind had just been blown! Inspirational stuff to say the least.

And last but not least was trying to develop some ideas which we then tried to print in 3D… Not sure how 3D we were getting but I’m hopeful that tomorrow morning will be even more productive with some ideas that were developed later on… Watch this space for some photographic evidence of our creations! 

Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2012!!

Yes that’s right, I’m going! To this –

This time next week I’ll be immersed in Rotterdam life learing all about 3D printing with weaving and hopefully meeting some of the people who have been influencing this project so far!

One of the workshops that I’ll be attending is Crafting the Future  hosted by Mika Satomi, Joris van Tubergen and Mili John Tharakan.

Amongst some of the panel on the debates will be Anouk Wipprecht of Intimacy fame (studio roosegaarde)!

Not only is this going to be a feast for the eyes but one for the ears too!

Can’t wait!

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