Colour Changing Creases

After the workshop in Rotterdam I decided to try some more folding using copper tape on poly viscose printed with Magenta thermochromic ink over a blue background.

ImageThe fabric was quite a bit thicker and stiffer than the fine gauze we used for the 3D printed sample and so I wasn’t sure if it would fold so easily. You can see where I’ve been working as the area around the copper has changed to blue due to my hot hands! The areas where there are rings of darker magenta are where I put my cold water bottle.

The following images show the folding process.




So this one is kind of in reverse. All the working is showing and therefore the creases are the only colour changing element that shows. In future samples the copper may be on the reverse and in theory we could charge the copper to promote a colour change.

An animated surface!!!


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About L.Calder

I am a designer maker mainly specialising in the field of textiles and design. I use colour changing and responsive dyes combined with simple electronics to create colourful pieces of work that can change depending on environment and programming. I also work with various materials and imagery to communicate concepts and ideas as well as create artefacts that are engaging and visually stimulating.

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