Important Colour Choices

It is with great joy that I can let you know that we have finally ordered our Ultimaker 3D printer. It could take some time to materialise so in the mean time I have some very very important colour choices to make!

Which colour do I paint the printer..

Here are some examples of how they look –

This is the printer as it comes, flat and ready to assemble.

I could paint it green?

Or Turquoise!?

This Blue looks pretty awesome however!

Now, how about some lighting!! I’m thinking a few wee LEDs in there and we’ll be ready to get down to some seriously cool printing.

Can’t wait!


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About L.Calder

I am a designer maker mainly specialising in the field of textiles and design. I use colour changing and responsive dyes combined with simple electronics to create colourful pieces of work that can change depending on environment and programming. I also work with various materials and imagery to communicate concepts and ideas as well as create artefacts that are engaging and visually stimulating.

5 responses to “Important Colour Choices”

  1. codedchromics says :

    Perhaps a thermochromic paint job would be appropriate!

  2. Andrew Kieran says :

    I read that the Ultimaker has a build area of 210x210x220mm. I think that’s enough to make shuttles for our narrow looms. I am curious, very curious indeed.

  3. codedchromics says :

    We should have a chat about this Andrew. We also need to speak about the hack space! L

    • Andrew Kieran says :

      trufax. i’m away in foreignlands the now for a week and that, but we can have a chat when I get back. likisay, email is the best way to get hold of me when i’m in britain.

  4. codedchromics says :

    Sweet, let me know when you’re back and we’ll have a chat.

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