THE ULTIMAKER HAS LANDED – let the build commence

After not too long a wait the Ultimaker 3D printer has arrived! Whooooo Hooooo

I opened the box to find everything was present and correct, phew… now just a matter of putting all the little bits together

First things first though, all the wooden parts of the kit need to be painted.

According to Ultimaker the printer likes to be painted and it will protect it for the future. Who am I to argue with a bit of colour? So I used my design brain to decide on a colour which was probably influenced by my brother’s mechano kit as a child, the scaffolding that his bed was made out of and my favourite colour – YELLOW

This took me AGES  to carefully paint all the bits but well worth it. It looks extra brilliant in its new hello coat!

The next stage involves making sure the Z-Axis rods fit their holes snuggly before assembling. The last thing I want to be doing is to take it all apart when I find out things don’t fit! I did need to do a little sanding but it’s all good!

Only a few minor technical electronic build bits to do (*laughs) and we’ll be all set to put some PLA through it and start printing! YE Haaaaaaaa



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About L.Calder

I am a designer maker mainly specialising in the field of textiles and design. I use colour changing and responsive dyes combined with simple electronics to create colourful pieces of work that can change depending on environment and programming. I also work with various materials and imagery to communicate concepts and ideas as well as create artefacts that are engaging and visually stimulating.

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