OPEN DESIGN!!! Yes Please!! Nokia and 3D Print (Teenage Engineering)

Just like Teenage Engineering made design files available to download for replacement parts for their VERY cool synthesisers last year…



… it seems that Nokia is doing the same and giving their consumers access to its  3D design files so they can create their own versions of products! The Finnish mobile phone brand released digital files allowing users to alter and 3D print their own shells for the Lumia 820 smartphone.


Berlin-based designer Ronen Kadushin, who has been making open design templates freely available for download since 2005, says Nokia’s move is timely. Kadushin told Dezeen 

“I think they did it because they are in a business situation that pushes them to try this new model – not to make money, but to focus their brand identity as up-to-date and in tune with the 3D printing and maker culture,” 

Hmmm interesting… I love the the ‘open source” business model applied to design! It’s exciting to think of the possibilities that this could bring to the designer and most importantly the consumer! 




About L.Calder

I am a designer maker mainly specialising in the field of textiles and design. I use colour changing and responsive dyes combined with simple electronics to create colourful pieces of work that can change depending on environment and programming. I also work with various materials and imagery to communicate concepts and ideas as well as create artefacts that are engaging and visually stimulating.

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