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This is a sneak peak at one panel of the ‘Smart’ Costume changing in sequence using an arduino controller…

the front/top


More to follow as soon as possible


I PRESENT – THE origami inspired Thermochromic TUTU that Glows!!!!

Well, a first mock up at least!

Things have been busy at Codedchromics HQ recently and we may just have something very delightful to show you all very soon. In the meantime here’s a sneaky peek at a piece of costumeI’ve been making. More to follow imminently! (there is a deadline!!!! Arrghhhhhhh). ImageImageImageImage

It’s not looking at it’s best in these photographs but I thought it would be good to show what I’ve been up to… we’re working on a little movie to show it in all of it’s glory and different states.

Watch this space and thanks for checking us out so far.


One Fold – One Love!

It’s funny how an introduction to a certain design, technique, fold, skill or material can lead to an obsession with (in my case) a certain origami fold pattern! Is it funny tho? Is it just what we do? Is it our way of working as designers? Do we see the potential in the simplicity of an engineered shape and explore it’s aesthetic potential!? Well, for me, if it hadn’t been for the DEAF 2012 workshop that I attended last year I don’t think I’d be so obsessed with this particular origami fold! I have several people to thank for that – Meg Grant, Anja Hertenberger, Leonie UrffFlorian Horsch and Mika Satomi.

Before I had the pleasure of meeting the talented individuals above I had started here


Then as a team we arrived here –


And since then I’ve used the same fold again and again and again! This is just one textile sample under four different conditions that appears as different colours. Still… so much more I could do with this!


Keep it simple

It’s true to say that some of the best things in life are simple.

For me some of the most satisfying visual stimuli are not over complicated and detailed but minimal and understated.

Yesterdays printing tests were an example of this for me, the over complicated prints didn’t work as well as the tonal and simple contrasting compositions! Who woulda thunk it!!?

Even though this print appears as quite a violent contrasting pattern when inactive it heats up to reveal simple subtle layers which will look even better once baked!



As you can see from Dr Chromics post yesterday it was day for trying out some Fluorescent dyes. It was fun and the results of mixing the Flouro with the thermochromic gave some quite surprising results. Today will mainly be trying to limit the amount of contrast when the printed fabric is inactive as I don’t want this ‘RAVE’ warning workwear appearance that I’ve been getting with the yellow and black!!

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