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ImageSo we can download this and make it ourselves???? Wow what a lot of work!! Here’s what Horst Kiechle says about his latest project –

“The paper torso project began in 2011 when I took up a suggestion by Ms. Joanne Nakora from the International School Nadi in the Fiji Islands to design and build a torso with removable organs. 3 months later I had completed a first version and uploaded some images to my Flickr account. In January 2012 My Modern Met blogged about it which led to many requests to make the templates available.
Improving certain parts of the design, fitting the patterns to A4 paper and working out how to best write the instructions took about 4 times as long as building the first version.
The templates and instructions are available by clicking on the banners below. In the spirit in which this project was started they are available for free. If you manage to complete some of the organs and/or the torso I would appreciate it if you could send me an email or some images of it.

ImageThis is incredible and relates to the paper wing by the t-shirt company that I blogged about last year!


Very cool indeed… When this current project finishes, I may well be tempted to try this one!


If you want to do it you should try! Go here http://torso.amorphous-constructions.com

Good luck!


One Fold – One Love!

It’s funny how an introduction to a certain design, technique, fold, skill or material can lead to an obsession with (in my case) a certain origami fold pattern! Is it funny tho? Is it just what we do? Is it our way of working as designers? Do we see the potential in the simplicity of an engineered shape and explore it’s aesthetic potential!? Well, for me, if it hadn’t been for the DEAF 2012 workshop that I attended last year I don’t think I’d be so obsessed with this particular origami fold! I have several people to thank for that – Meg Grant, Anja Hertenberger, Leonie UrffFlorian Horsch and Mika Satomi.

Before I had the pleasure of meeting the talented individuals above I had started here


Then as a team we arrived here –


And since then I’ve used the same fold again and again and again! This is just one textile sample under four different conditions that appears as different colours. Still… so much more I could do with this!


The paper Wing

So I attempted to make the paper wing from the t/shirt issue website.

What they say about the piece:

“The Muybridge installation is a study set out to capture temporal change in 3D.

A three-step sequence of a bird spreading its wings is reconstructed and sculpted into T-Shirts. As the change in the wings’ position is a function of time, each wing’s plumage is reduced to polygonal form, modeled and rigged into successive arrangements to portray the spreading motion.

This study leans on Eadweard Muybdridge’s photography work in the late 1800s, with which he pioneered in the field of capturing animal and human locomotion. Challenged by a bet whether all four horse’s hooves are off the ground at the same time during gallop, he conceived stop-motion photography and later on the Zoöpractiscope, which turned still photographs into dynamic projections.

With the Muybridge installation, shape and fractional motion are interpreted through jersey garments. The T-shirts capture a movement that happens in the bat of an eye and perpetuate it by material augmentation.”

I thought it’d be a good idea to have a look at how to construct a faceted concept. You can see my process in the block of photographs below and then below that you can see how the wing has ben constructed in fabric (not by me). The process is really interesting, however, the maths blows my mind… Anyone good at Geometry!?

This is the process of making the wing out of paper from the download pdf. You can get it here http://the-t-shirt-issue.com/files/still1.pdf

here is my version of the wing in paper –

Here are some of the shots from the website

You can see more here http://the-t-shirt-issue.com/home.1.0.html


New Talent!!!!

Today is a good day.

We are lucky enough to have the very talented Caileen working along side us for a short while, I can’t wait to see what wonderments she comes up with.

Caileen recently graduated from Heriot watt university with a 1st class Honours degree in Fashion Communication and design.

Her work is so in tune with what we’re doing it was a no brainer to get her on board!

Check out her video from her Degree show here. Brilliant!

Here’s a link to her blogs




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