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Inspiration AND Wishlist from Teenage Engineering

Everything they make looks so sleek and cool…. Now to find a way to incorporate this kit into a costume! Who is going to pay me to do it? That is the ‘few hundred pound’ question!!!




Please go here and feel free to purchase the Oplab for me to work with, you won’t be disappointed.



Looks Like Bladerunner feel like Running for the Blade!!!!

Right, The printer is built and yesterday all the motors were happily working away testing with ReplicatorG until the Ymotor stopped working. I don’t know why!?

I’ve managed to get it running now but ReplicatorG doesn’t want to work even after new firmware there are still no ports detected! Do you know what all this means? I don’t, but I’m trying to learn and learn quick!! Today will be spent trawling forums, crying for help and hopefully getting the yellow monster working again… It’s going to be a few days before I print my first replicant by the looks of it! Oh well…. Here’s some pretty pictures for you until that day arrives!


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